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For several years now, mobile marketing has been one of the most dominant trends within the marketing industry. Now that consumers have access to a variety of apps on their smartphones and tablets, convincing consumers to download a certain one in the first place can be very difficult—not to mention the fact that after downloading any given app, 25% of mobile device users will only use the app once. What’s more, those who continue to use the app will drop another 50% within the next three months. Needless to say, if you have a mobile app in your marketing strategy, you’ll need to have a solid plan

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LinkedIn is a great platform to make new contacts, whether they be business associates, potential employers or mentors. Once reserved to being just an online resume, LinkedIn has expanded its services to make it one of the best networking sites out there. With LinkedIn, you can research backgrounds of employees and get contact information with the click of a mouse. Read on to see how you can leverage LinkedIn to make contacts and get ahead in your career. The Education Tab In my opinion, this new feature is one of the best career research tools there is on the internet. Under the

By necessity, small businesses maintain minimal staffs, with each employee often performing more than one official duty. This model has both advantages and disadvantages—while costs are lower, employees are often overworked and under-efficient. However, it works fine for some positions in some departments. To streamline staffing, some small businesses forgo an official human resources department, transferring those duties to the owner or manager of the company. While this approach may help cut costs in the short-term, it could have debilitating results in the long-term. Here are a few reasons why every business, large or small, needs a trained, knowledgeable HR


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