Just getting to know the RingCentral platform? Welcome! Compared to legacy business phone systems, RingCentral Office is quick and easy to configure. Now, we're making it even simpler to get "onboarded". Our crack documentation team recently completed onboarding guides for different size businesses. The guides - available below in PDF format - explain in straightforward terms how to sign up for and set up a RingCentral account. How many users do you anticipate having in your RingCentral system? Between 2 and 9 Between 10 and 99 More than 100 Because the guides describe what you'll need to do to configure your office network - a requisite to high-quality

RingCentral has been awarded a 2014 CRM Excellence Award by CUSTOMER Magazine. RingCentral Enterprise Edition, which was just enhanced with RC Meetings – high definition videoconferencing, screen and file sharing - is a market leader in cloud business communications. “The 15th Annual CRM Excellence Awards has recognized RingCentral for being a true CRM partner to its customers and clients,” said Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief. “RingCentral has demonstrated to the editors of CUSTOMER magazine that the RingCentral Office Enterprise Edition improved the processes of their clients’ businesses by streamlining and facilitating the flow of information." RingCentral Office securely delivers quality fax, text and conferencing for businesses, regardless of size, location or type of device. “This

Happy holidays! Over the next six weeks, the UK will get to enjoy the Easter break and two May bank holidays, so many of us will be cheering in four-day workweeks. What a luxury! Well, not entirely. Time off is a luxury enjoyed by people who don’t own or work in a small business. Those who are involved in an SME don't just face the prospect of squeezing five days of work into four days - they must also worry about keeping the business operational should customers want to get in touch. Maintaining an "always-on" presence and delivering great customer service can be a real challenge for SMEs during the holiday period. So here are four tips for SMEs on how


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